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  1. Dr. James Miller’s Talk in Huxley Speaker Series: “Placemaking and Climate Change Migration” - Sep 24 2020 - 4:30pm

    2020-09-21 18:49:00 UTC
    I will be the first speaker at this fall’s Huxley Speaker Series this Thursday, September 24th at 4:30, which the Center for Canadian-American Studies is co-sponsoring. The title of his talk, ‘Placemaking and Climate Change Migration’, is quite enticing and I hope that you will take this opportunity to tune…

  2. Inclusion in the Covid19 era

    2020-05-28 15:00:51 UTC
    This is a repost from the Collaborative of Inclusive Urbanism for which I am a core member. Social and Spatial Inequity in the time of Covid19 May 19, 2020 “Space, as it relates to infectious disease epidemics, isn’t just about quarantine; it’s also a design problem.” (Budds 2020) The…

  3. Genocide of Oceanic Peoples

    2020-03-05 03:15:42 UTC
    The relationship of Oceanic peoples has been conceptualized in Va Moana, as a relational experience happening across space - across Moana. Yet, what happens when these relationships encounter colonialism, imperialism, and settler colonialism?  We see these forces lead to genocide, a genocide that is ongoing through the forces of settler-colonialism,…

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