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  1. ‘They Did Not Realize We Are Human Beings’

    2020-01-31 20:34:00 UTC
    In Iowa, a community of Marshall Islanders has found a place to settle, decades after the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on their Pacific home. Now can Washington deliver on the promises it made? Full article:

  2. Low-Lying Islands At The Forefront Of Climate Change

    2020-01-13 03:25:00 UTC
    Those suffering most from the impacts of sea level rise are marginalized communities - communities already vulnerable to risk.  This has become increasingly evident in my own work. The scary factor is the lack of attention drawn to underserved and marginalized communities in our very own coastal communities.   This is…

  3. A decade of recovery: January 12, 2010 - Haiti Earthquake

    2020-01-13 03:09:00 UTC
    It is hard to believe that is has been a decade since the 2010 earthquake shook Haiti, devastating the country. The magnitude of this disaster drew my attention to the impacts of natural disasters on disenfranchised and marginalized communities - communities facing extreme vulnerability. This event marked the beginning of…

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